Grant Awards Archive

FY 2001-2018 Grant Announcements and Awards

2001 Recurring Grants

Center for Mental Health Services

Center for Substance Abuse Treatment


Center for Mental Health Services 

2001 One-Time Grants

SM-01-001 EIDP Coordinating Center
SM-01-002 Grants for Statewide Consumer Networks
SM-01-004 CMHS Statewide Family Networks Grants
SM-01-005 CMHS Cooperative Agreement for a Technical Assistance Center for Statewide Family Networks  (re-issuance)
SM-01-006 State Mental Health Data Infrastructure Grants
SM-01-007 CMHS-TCE: Build Mentally Healthy Communities
SM-01-008 CMHS Cooperative Agreements to Develop a National Infrastructure for the Improvement of Treatment and Services for Children and Adolescents Who Experience Trauma
SM-01-009 Community Actions to Prevent Youth Violence and Promote Youth Development
SM 01-010 CMHS Cooperative Agreements to Certify, Network, and Evaluate Crisis Programs that Offer Hotline Services
SM-01-011 Circles of Care
SM-01-012 HIV/AIDS/Mental Health Services Capacity Building in Minority Communities
SM-01-013 SAMHSA CA for CMHS/CSAT Collaborative Program on Homeless Families: Women with Psychiatric, Substance Abuse, or Co-occurring Disorders and their Dependent Children--Phase 2
SM-01-014 Grants to Support Restraint & Seclusion Training in Programs that Serve Children and Youth
The Young Offender Initiative: Reentry Grant Program
with the U.S. Department of Justice

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention

SP-01-001 Community Initiated Prevention Intervention Cooperative Agreements
SP-01-002 State Incentive Cooperative Agreement for Community-based Action
SP-01-003 Mentoring and Family Strengthening Programs for High Risk Youth
SP-01-004 Border Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies
SP-01-006 CSAP Targeted Capacity Expansion Initiatives for Substance Abuse Prevention (SAP) and HIV Prevention (HIVP) in Minority Communities
SP-01-009 Strengthening Early Childhood Interventions by Integrating Behavior Health Services

Center for Substance Abuse Treatment

TI-01-001 PRC Implementation Program
TI-01-002 Comprehensive Program for Substance Abusing Adults Involved With the Justice Systemto Be Rehabilitated, Provide Restitution to the Community, and Have Certain Privileges Restored
TI-01-003 Recovery Community Organization Development and Community Mobilization Program
TI-01-004 Drug and Alcohol Treatment Systems for Youth
TI-01-005 Substance Abuse Treatment Systems for Racial/Ethnic Minority Communities
TI-01-006 Alcohol/Drug Abuse Treatment Systems for Homeless Persons
TI-01-007 CSAT TCE Program for Substance Abuse Treatment and HIV/AIDS Services
TI-01-008 CSAT Cooperative Agreement for the Addiction Technology Transfer Center
TI-01-009 CSAT American Indian/Alaskan Native Community Planning Program

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