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FY 2002 Grant Funding Awards

Last updated November 05, 2002

To find lists of grant recipients: 

1. Go to Center name
2. Click on Grant Number
3. The grantee list is alphabetical and includes the following information: Number of grants conferred, grant number, name of grantee, city and state of grantee, contact person, amount of grant

PA-98-090: SAMHSA Conference Grants

SAMHSA's Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS)

  • OA-02-001: 2002 Earmarks
  • PA-00-003:  Community Action Grants for Service Systems Change
  • SM-01-007:  Build Mentally Healthy Communities 
  • SM01-008:  Child Traumatic Stress Initiative
  • SM01-009: Youth Violence Prevention Cooperative Agreements
  • SM02-002: Children's Mental Health Initiative
  • SM02-003: Partnerships for Youth Transition
  • SM02-004: Technical Assistance Centers Renewal
  • SM02-005: Workforce Training
  • SM02-006: Public Safety Workers Mental Health
  • SM02-007: Youth Violence Prevention Cooperative Agreements
  • SM02-008: Violence Prevention TA Continuation
  • SM02-009: Older Adult Mental Health Services
  • SM02-010: Targeted Capacity Expansion Grants for Jail Diversion Programs
  • SM02-011: MH Violence Coordinating Center
  • SM02-012: Suicide Prevention Resource Center
  • SM02-013:  SAMHSA/HRSA Collaboration Project
  • SM02-015: Data Infrastructure
  • SM02-016: TA Center-Older Adults MH
  • SM02-021: Primary Care Research for Elderly
  • SM02-DR:   Disaster Relief
  • SM-02-ER:  Emergency Response / Terrorist Attacks

SAMHSA's Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP)

  • OA02-001: 2002 Earmarks
  • SP-01-002: State Incentive Program
  • SP-01-003: Mentoring and Family Strengthening
  • SP02-001: Methamphetamine/Ecstacy Interventions
  • SP02-002: Methamphetamine/Ecstacy Infrastructure
  • SP02-003: State Incentive Cooperative Agreements for Community-Based Action
  • SP02-005: HIV/AIDS Services
  • SP02-006: Anti-Drug Coalition
  • SP-02-ER:   Emergency Response / Terrorist Attacks

SAMHSA's Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT)

  • OA02-01: 2002 Earmarks
  • PA-00-001: Targeted Capacity Expansion
  • PA-00-002: CSAT Action Grant Program
  • TI-01-002: Rehabilitation and Restitution
  • TI-01-004: Strengthening Communities - Youth
  • TI-02-001: Cooperative Agreements for Addiction Technology Transfer Centers
  • TI-02-003: Grants for Accreditation of OTPs
  • TI02-005: American Indian/Alaskan Native and Rural Community Planning Program
  • TI02-006: Development of Comprehensive Drug/Alcohol and Mental Health Treatment
  • TI02-007: Adolescent Residential Treatment
  • TI02-008: Treatment Drug Courts
  • TI02-009: TCE/HIV
  • TI02-010: State Data Infrastructure
  • TI-02-ER: Emergency Response / Terrorist Attacks

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For further information about SAMHSA Grant and Cooperative Agreement Programs, contact SAMHSA's Division of Grants Management at (301) 443-3958.